Attractive Notifications for Administrators, Customers and Vendors

Attractive Notifications for Administrators, Customers and Vendors
4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x
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CS-Cart "Notification System" add-on

Increase customer engagement, let your customers, administrator and vendors about the updates, news or promotions in your store.


Why To Use Notifications?


Powerful way to engage customers

Effective customer engagement helps you keep your customers' attention, and attract the eyes of new ones as well.


Promote better your products or services

No matter how good your new product or service, it won't do as well as you deserve unless you promote it properly.


Notifications for vendors

Send and notify vendors about promotions, events or updates in your marketplace.


Notifications for administrators

Keep a better contact with your staff and manage better your business.


What are Notifications ?

Notifications are messages administrator wish to send to customers, stuff or vendors to let them know something has happened. You may want to get notifications when you get an promotion, or other news, or when something new available.

Documentation & Support

How to Configure

This article describes how to configure the Attractive Notifications for Administrators, Customers and Vendors cs-cart add-on.

How to add notifications

1. Please go to Add-ons > Notifications on backend

2. Click on the + icon

3. Once you add all details just click Save and notifications will be displayed

4. Done, now the new notification is available for the area you select


How to display notifications


1. Please go to Design > Layouts on backend

2. Click on the + icon from the grid you wish to add the notifications block and after that Add block button

3. Click on tab Create New Block and after that on the Notifications block

4. Add a Name and please click Create

5. Done, now notifications are available for customers



For the backend is nothing you need to do, by default will be added on the left side of the general search from top right corner of the backend area.

Add-on support multi-language, multi-store and Multi-Vendor.

Key Features

You've already come to know and love the free features of CS-Cart. But this addon also offer some nifty premium features that allow you to really take advantage of your store experience.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Was our extension not the solution you were looking for? No worries, you can receive a 100% refund up to 30 days after purchase.



Add-on uses the language variables for all texts and can be found and edited under Administration> Languages​​ > Translations


Easy Installation

Installs within minutes and comes with simple instructions on installing and using.


Guaranteed Bug Free

We guarantee to deliver you a superior CS-Cart add-on free of issues.


Open Source

Allows users to achieve the best performance and build full-fledged ecommerce sites without specific programming knowledge.


Speed Optimizer

The code is designed to be as efficient and fast as possible and, as a result, will not slow down in any way CS-Cart shopping experience.

Product Demo

Online demo shop allows you to see in action. Feel free to add products, categories, orders and doing whatever is necessary to test the software. Please note that original store configuration of the database is automatically restored every 24 hours.


Password: demodemo


Password: demodemo

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