Product Tabs Per User Groups

Product Tabs Per User Groups
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CS-Cart "Product Tabs Per User Groups" free add-on

CS-Cart extension allow you to show/hide product tabs depend on user groups


Why Product Tabs Per User Groups?


Free Add-on

This is a CS-Cart free add-on that will help you manage easier content on the product details page.


No Codding

After the installation you need only to select the user groups that you wish your tab to be visible.


What are Product Tabs?

Product Tabs lets you add extra info to your products without cluttering your product description with extra markup.

Documentation & Support

How to Configure

This article describes how to configure the Product Tabs Per User Groups cs-cart add-on.

How to setup a product tab for a specific user group:

1. Please go to Design > Product tabs

2. Click edit on the tab that you wish to configure

3. Click on Status tab

4. Check the user groups where you need the tab to be visible

Key Features

You've already come to know and love the free features of CS-Cart. But this addon also offer some nifty premium features that allow you to really take advantage of your store experience.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Was our extension not the solution you were looking for? No worries, you can receive a 100% refund up to 30 days after purchase.



Add-on uses the language variables for all texts and can be found and edited under Administration> Languages​​ > Translations


Easy Installation

Installs within minutes and comes with simple instructions on installing and using.


Guaranteed Bug Free

We guarantee to deliver you a superior CS-Cart add-on free of issues.


Open Source

Allows users to achieve the best performance and build full-fledged ecommerce sites without specific programming knowledge.


Speed Optimizer

The code is designed to be as efficient and fast as possible and, as a result, will not slow down in any way CS-Cart shopping experience.

Product Demo

Online demo shop allows you to see in action. Feel free to add products, categories, orders and doing whatever is necessary to test the software. Please note that original store configuration of the database is automatically restored every 24 hours.


Password: demodemo


Password: demodemo

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Product Tabs Per User Groups CS-Cart extension allow you to show / hide product tabs depend on user groups

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